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We offer an easy 24/7 admission process


We are ready to take care of your needs after your elective surgery in a safe and controlled environment. Our therapy programs are unsurpassed and we will work to get you back home very quickly. We realize patients are eager to schedule their elective surgical procedures. Hospitals are now ready and willing to get patients back into the Operating Rooms.

· Private Rehab Suites
· Surgical Aftercare and Services
· Specialized Therapy Services
· Discharge Plans tailored to your needs

Specialized programs will allow you to get back to the comfort of your home in a matter of days not weeks.

Welcome to Fort Atkinson Health Care Center

Do you need a short or long-term health care center for your loved one or patient in Fort Atkinson, WI? A health care center with up to date equipment, skilled therapists and staff, and a warm family-like environment give your loved one the best chance for a successful recovery.  

Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin’s most trusted health care center, offers one of the best short-term and long-term rehab therapy experiences in Jefferson County. Our short-term recovery time is unmatched compared to traditional in-home and outpatient therapy, and long-term residents get everything they need to maintain and improve function and ability in a safe and friendly community.  

Short and Long-Term Care 

Fort Atkinson Health Care Center is a full-service health care facility that offers both short and long-term care options. Our residents benefit from 24-hour skilled nurse care, individualized therapy programs, and the freedom to recover without the burdens of independent living.

Medicare & Medicaid Certified 

Fort Atkinson HCC is a Medicare-certified health care center. We also accept a variety of Medicare replacement plans and private pay. Medicaid is accepted as well, and we can assist individuals who need help filing for Medicaid, as it can be a challenge at times. Our knowledgeable staff can help with applications, updates, and any appeals.

Outpatient Care 

Fort Atkinson HCC offers convenient outpatient care programs for individuals that prefer remaining at home during their therapy.  Patients can schedule therapy around their schedule and come to our center for treatment at their convenience. Outpatient care is a good option for maintaining independence while still getting the therapy needed to improve the quality of life.

Individualized Therapy

An individualized therapy program with skilled therapists sets the stage for the best chance for a full recovery. Fort Atkinson HCC offers a wide selection of therapy programs from physical and speech, to cognitive and psychosocial. Each program is customized on a case by case basis.

Palliative Care

Living with a chronic illness is an everyday challenge. Fort Atkinson HCC provides palliative care services to give your loved one the relief they need. Our palliative care program’s aim is to improve the lives of both our residents and their family.

Respite Care

Even the best caregivers need time to recharge. Respite care gives you temporary relief from your duties as a caregiver. Fort Atkinson HCC steps in for a short amount of time while you get the personal time you need, and your loved one gets some extra special care and attention.


Staying active and socializing are critical for maintaining mental health. Fort Atkinson HCC offers a variety of engaging social events and opportunities for our residents. There are several community involved events coordinated with local schools throughout the year, as well as daily onsite activities for residents to enjoy.


Spacious rooms and daily housekeeping and linen services make both long and short-term residents feel comfortable. Onsite dental and personal care services give residents everything they need without the need to arrange offsite transportation.

Fort Atkinson Health Care Center Staff

A great health care center starts with the staff. We know we’re in a people-first industry, and take pride in combining medical skills with people skills. When you combine that with a warm and friendly environment, you get Fort Atkinson HCC.


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